About Me

So you're taking a sneak peak  to see WHO is   this blogger???
Here's  the scoop on me ...
I love coffee, chocolate and soda with plenty of ice.
I love bargains despite the fact that I hate to shop.
I love to bake moreover I love to eat what I bake.
I am NOT the perfect 1950’s housewife; I have piles of laundry, spilled milk, messy hair and at times EVEN unshaven legs. And I am not shaped like Barbie.
However, I have Peggy Hill feet. (Size long and thin)
I adore the bewilderedness as babies discover their own belly button for the first time !
And I don’t have moves like Jagger
Best of all,I am a Jesus lov’n girl
Oh! I like to garden, yet lack a green thumb.
I use silly terms my kids don’t understand.
When I’m in a hurry my gas tank is always empty.
And I strongly dis~like mating socks.
I do not use big vocabulary words I don’t understand, as life is confusing enough.
I have a few red chickens, two3 silly dogs.
I adore my 7 children.(saved  the best for last )

It is my desire that you feel welcome here.....As I love Great Southern Hospitality...
Note I say "ya'll " and stuff like that ..! Oh ! and words like Hunny ...and tators...
 Most of all, I hope you will find encouragement and inspiration in your walk with Christ
 And a few laughs along the way..

Encouraging  others on  their journey,
Helen Ree

I almost forgot ...I rarely balance my checkbook.